Product Improvement

Continuous Product Improvement

We’re in the business of making your business a success. Improving quality and safety in products and processes is key. Knowledge of the industries we serve and the regulations and specifications governing their operation enables our application experts to work with your team to design and install customized power solutions. 


Caterpillar Production System (CPS)

Even if you’re happy with your operation’s processes and policies, there is always room for improvement. New technologies, techniques, and processes are constantly being developed, and Caterpillar is at the forefront of these continuous improvement efforts.

The CPS focuses on three types of processes:

  • Core includes the fundamental factory floor operational processes that encompass all activities from demand planning to delivery of finished products.
  • Governing is related to governance activities associated with tracking and measuring safety, quality, and 6 Sigma benefits.
  • Enabling processes are related to information management, people, culture, and value stream transformations.

The CPS strategy is process focused, which means processes will be treated the same way Caterpillar has treated products in the past. For instance, key processes will have process managers that are comparable to product managers. They will be accountable for developing process strategies, creating and managing multigenerational process plans, and assessing process improvements with 6 Sigma-based metrics.


Testing Facilities

A $26m investment in our Engineering Centre of Excellence has provided world-class validation and testing facilities. It also houses Europe's largest fully automated hemi-anechoic chamber for state-of-the-art acoustic research and test capabilities. At our Northern Ireland facility, we also have over 15,400 m2 of factory space dedicated to the creation of Custom Power Solutions products.


6 Sigma and Caterpillar

Caterpillar began its 6 Sigma journey in 2001. Since then, the company has made significant progress in creating a 6 Sigma culture where teams of employees support fact-based decision-making throughout the organization. The company has made several changes in the way we use 6 Sigma to arrive at our current state — encoded in the way we work.

6 Sigma is a step-by-step approach designed to reduce the number of errors in a given process. At Caterpillar, anything that produces a result is considered a process. This can mean everything from assembling a product to finding areas of opportunity to profitably grow the company. The end result is fewer errors and a more successful, efficient process.

To reach the 6 Sigma level, Caterpillar uses 6 Sigma methodology to guide projects and implement processes. The methodology uses a common, disciplined approach that focuses on gathering information, analyzing data, and making fact-based decisions to ensure the most efficient and effective processes.


The Cat Global Dealer Network

We’re dedicated to keeping ahead of trends and developing new technologies so we can give you the best products, parts, and support. We couldn’t do that without the heart of our business – the Cat® dealer network. Your local Cat dealer has everything you need to get any job done.

Caterpillar manufactures the products and Cat dealers deliver. Offering unmatched product support services from more than 180 locations all over the globe, your local Cat dealer technicians are highly skilled and hands on, making sure you get the most out of your Electric Power products. 


Factory Acceptance Testing

Twenty test cells are dedicated to special testing of open, canopied, and containerized generator sets at both inductive and resistive load. Why not visit our industry-leading facilities and witness the test of your generator set?

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Caterpillar Electric Power is excited to introduce you to our latest generator set sizing software, Cat® Electric Power SpecSizer.

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