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Manage the Land Responsibly

Take On Whatever Challenge Tomorrow Brings—One day, you’re cutting brush; the next, you’re clearing a right-of-way. Whatever land management project you’re tasked to complete, there’s a Cat® machine or attachment ready to take it on efficiently and at the lowest possible cost.



Special Equipment for Special Jobs

Managing the land responsibly requires all sorts of tasks: clearing rights-of-way, cutting brush, reforestation, even fighting fires. You need machines that can tackle the task at hand, whatever it may be. We’re here to help with the widest selection of specialized machines in the industry—including site prep tractors, compact track loaders, excavators and a range of work tools and attachments.


Cat® Forestry Social Media

Caterpillar offers a complete line of forestry equipment to meet your application needs. Connect with Cat forestry social media to find out how our equipment will keep your business strong.

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Cat® Dealers Make the Difference

Your Cat dealer is committed to maximizing your success, helping you get the most out of your operations with site-level solutions, service and support.

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The Power of Cat® Equipment

While superior quality is easy to see, it's over time and throughout your equipment ownership experience that the superior value of Caterpillar really becomes clear.

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Cat® Product Stories

Learn how customers all over the world are using Cat® products to do great things.

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