Contact Information

Military Account Managers

U.S Army

Fred Erst
Phone: 309-675-4405
Mobile: 309-550-8257

U.S Navy l U.S Marine Corps

Scott Tomblin
Phone: 309-578-2244
Mobile: 309-397-2345

U.S Air Force l U.S Air National Guard l DRMO

Jason Walker
Phone: 309-578-8068
Mobile: 309-712-9364

International Military Accounts Manager

Isaac Malson
Phone: 309-578-8679

Federal Account Manager

Andy Diaz
Phone: 309-675-8107
Mobile: 309-453-6951

Sherrie Williams
Phone: 919-550-1295
Mobile: 828-707-7989

International Sales Manager

Gösta Albrecht
Phone: +49 (0) 151 15 10 73 18


Lifecycle Solutions

Service Life Extension (SLEP)/Reset Programs

Lifecycle Support Manager
Melvin Ottley
Phone: 309-494-6642

Red River Army Depot

Program Manager
Rich Gardner
Phone: 309-578-3984

Military Parts Sales

Account Manager
Linda Martin
Phone: 309-578-3493

Military Training

Account Manager
Jason Peeples
Phone: 309-675-4425


Power Applications

Electric Power Generation – East

Jeff Spencer
Phone: 717-418-2553
Mobile: 717-418-2553

Electric Power Generation – West

Nicholas Ellis
Phone: 309-578-8783
Mobile: 248-506-2403


Paul Pawelski
Phone: 309-494-1952
Mobile: 678-544-6725
Fax: 309-578-3739


John Young
Phone: 309-675-3915
Mobile: 980-328-7315


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