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Cat® industrial engine parts are designed and manufactured to work hard as a complete system and be rebuilt for a second life. Design and manufacturing techniques are continually improved to ensure you get state-of-the-art new and remanufactured parts every time.

Caterpillar continually strives to improve component design and manufacturing. We understand that normal engine operation subjects components to extreme stresses and temperatures. Tests have consistently proven that the use of Cat parts (as opposed to competitive parts) greatly improves engine performance and reliability and reduces overall owning and operating costs.

To support your Caterpillar parts needs, we have strategically located 70 parts distribution centers in 24 countries on six continents shipping to more than 200 countries throughout the world to provide unparalleled availability. Over 99 percent of the parts ordered by Cat dealers are shipped from Caterpillar distribution centers within 24 hours.

We also offer repair options to help you minimize downtime and get engines back to work as quickly as possible. 

  • RELIABLE CAT PARTS: Cat engine parts are designed and manufactured to perform as a system and be rebuilt for a second life, with processes that are continually improved to ensure state-of-the-art quality. Cat parts are built to exact tolerances and undergo rigorous testing to ensure reliable performance, long life and lower owning and operating costs. 
  • REMANUFACTURED PARTS: These parts provide same-as-new performance and reliability at a fraction of new cost with the same warranty as new parts. This means you achieve maximum engine productivity at a lower life cycle cost. Remanufacturing is also environmentally friendly, as it limits waste. 
  • EXCHANGE: Cat dealers offer a number of Cat parts that meet Caterpillar Reusability Guidelines. Rebuilt by the dealer, these exchange parts eliminate the need to wait for repair of the respective part or replace it with a new component, lowering engine owning and operating costs. 
  • STANDARD OVERHAUL: Caterpillar dealers offer comprehensive overhauls for Cat engines. The dealer will offer the most cost-effective solution using genuine new or remanufactured parts. Overhauls can also include available engine updates. 
  • ENGINE UPGRADES: Cat dealers offer specific engine solutions for upgrading Cat engines to match tighter requirements or legislations like SOLAS or emission regulations. These solutions allow customers to continue to run their engines or run them more efficiently or with lower emission levels, contributing to the protection of the environment. 
  • CATERPILLAR CERTIFIED ENGINE REBUILD: Cat industrial engines can be rebuilt for a second life at a fraction of the cost of an engine replacement, protecting the customer’s investment. Rebuild specifications meet all Caterpillar standards, providing the quality customers expect. Trained dealer and Caterpillar service professionals perform these rebuilds at the local Cat dealership, using only Cat parts. The latest required updates and optional performance enhancement upgrades could result in improved fuel consumption, reduced emissions, matching SOLAS requirements, and reduced owning and operating costs.



Signs of wear and damage to your engine can often be detected first in fluid samples. The Cat S•O•SSM Services Lab analyzes oil, coolant and diesel fuel from your vessel to look for abnormalities and head off major repairs before they happen. Go behind the scenes of our lab to learn more. 

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