Cat® Asset Intelligence

The four most
important benefits

What can Cat® Asset Intelligence do for you?

Cat® Asset Intelligence



Information is power and Caterpillar Marine technology puts the right data in the right hands to help
you effectively monitor your assets. Learn more about how Cat® Asset Intelligence
supports our customers and their businesses.

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Increase uptime and
reduce operating costs


•   Predict problems before they happen and avoid failures.

•   Receive expert recommendations on how to maximize the data value.

•   Extend maintenance intervals.

•   Move from “scheduled” to “as needed” maintenance to reduce costs.

•   Integrate your existing enterprise systems, including CMMS.

Monitor productivity and
manage vessel efficiency


•   Minimize downtime and maximize revenue producing uptime.

•   Reduce total vessel fuel burn and increase fuel efficiency.

•   Use real data to improve operational decision making.

Enhance awareness to keep
people and equipment safe


•   Create transparency for unsafe operations and equipment condition.

•   Promote a positive safety culture.

Reduce environmental impact
and simplify compliance


•   Make compliance reporting easier with automated monitoring.

•   Reduce emissions by burning less fuel.

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These are some of our customer’s case studies on working with Cat® Asset Intelligence.
As you work to constantly improve and optimize vessel operations, you are faced with ever-changing conditions.
Cat® Asset Intelligence is designed to help you with that as it protects both vessels and operating systems
by predicting and avoiding failures and assisting you and your crew with remote expert advice.

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