6 Ways the C7.1 is almost complete hands-off

6 Ways the Cat® C7.1 Is Almost Completely Hands-Off



When fishing’s your livelihood, any time you spend off the water is catch — and profit — lost. That’s why we designed the Cat® C7.1 marine propulsion engine to require the bare minimum of maintenance. Here are six ways it’ll keep you catching and earning:


  1. The oil change interval is 500 hours. You spend less time and money on regular maintenance.
  2. The fuel system is self-priming. If you run out of fuel, there’s no need to “bleed” the system manually. Just turn the key and let the fuel prime pump do its job.
  3. No zinc anodes are required. That’s one less thing you have to check (and potentially replace) every month.
  4. Water pumps are gear-driven. With no belt-driven pumps, the likelihood of overheating a C7.1 is drastically reduced.
  5. The valve train is maintenance-free. Hydraulic valve lash adjusters work automatically — no more time-consuming or costly manual adjustment needed.
  6. No smoke means less cleaning. The C7.1 runs on a common-rail fuel system that’s smoke-free, keeping your boat (and the air around you) clean.


On the rare occasions maintenance is required, here’s another bonus: The C7.1 is significantly smaller, lighter, and quieter than older two-cycle diesel engines of comparable power and displacement— leaving plenty of space for easy servicing. A closed crankcase ventilation system also comes standard for a cleaner engine room.

Want to learn more about this extremely simple to maintain engine, which also happens to be extremely powerful and extremely fuel-efficient? View all the specs here, then talk to your local Cat dealer about putting the C7.1 to work for your fishing operation.



Commercial Fishing

Commercial Fishing

When you’re on the move, chasing the perfect catch, you need an engine that won’t let you down. Cat® commercial fishing engines keep you up and going, no matter how challenging the weather or operating conditions.

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C7.1 TIER 3 / IMO II

C7.1 Engine

Ideal for smaller vessels ranging from 25-60 feet in size, the C7.1 features a common rail fuel system enabling optimum combustion, low emissions, quiet operation and no visible smoke during operation.

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