Cat® Performance Upgrade Kits

Even though you’re overhauling an old engine, there’s no reason you can’t benefit from modern technologies. Cat® Performance Upgrade Kits—available on select Marine 3500 engines—include a number of parts that can bring your engine’s performance in line with current standards.

The kit includes proven system parts to convert from a mechanical to electronic injection control system, for an average rated speed fuel savings of 4 percent. In some cases, fuel savings have totaled more than 9 percent.

Performance Upgrade Kits also improve load acceptance and acceleration while reducing vibration and noise. They improve diagnostic and display capability. And of course, they use genuine Cat parts for exceptional life.


Fuel Savings
  • Average fuel savings of 4%; sometimes exceeding 9%
  • Estimated return on investment possible in less than 9000 hours; potentially less than 3000 hours
  • Significant ongoing fuel savings
Performance and Features
  • Improved acceleration and load acceptance
  • Turbocharger optimized for engine efficiency
  • No negative impact on horsepower; some increases
  • Less vibration and noise
  • Improved diagnostic capability
  • Live messages and alarms
  • Optional user-configured display (real-time information)
  • Achieves fuel savings without the cost of removing and replacing the engine
  • Can be implemented during a scheduled major overhaul
  • Decreased fuel consumption leads to a reduction in greenhouse gases like carbon dioxide

For more detailed information on our Performance Upgrade Kits, download the full brochure:

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Performance Upgrade Kits Performance Upgrade Kits

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