Certified Marine Dealer, Al-Bahar

What customers are saying

Mostafa Agib El Nahta, operations manager for Gulf Craft Inc. in Dubai, United Arab Emirates, works with Cat® Certified Marine Dealer Al-Bahar. He appreciates the highly trained team assigned to service his company’s vessels.

“They have provided us with an almost permanent team every day in our yard,” he says, “a dedicated team and supervisor for our boats.”

But that’s not all. El Nahta also attributes improved client relationships to the service he receives from Al-Bahar. “Because of the good support, now our clients are saying, ‘We want to go for Caterpillar,’” he says. “Support from Caterpillar has increased our sales.”

Peter Zwart, operations manager for Baydelta Maritime in California, has had similar positive experiences with Cat Certified Marine Dealer Peterson Cat.

“They have an excellent dispatcher and they’re fast responders,” Zwart says. “They know we cannot have our boats down. They troubleshoot with the computer, figure out where the problem is, deal with it and get out of the way.”

Ken Fultz, a port engineer for San Francisco Bar Pilots who also works with Peterson Cat, agrees.

“My job is to make sure these boats are available,” Fultz says. “I depend on Peterson and Caterpillar product to get that job done.”