Cat Certified Marine Dealer

Trained to Get It Right, the First Time

When it comes to fast, accurate marine service, few things matter more than the technician assigned to the work. That’s why Cat® Certified Marine Dealers place extra emphasis on technician training — ensuring that every individual who sets foot on your vessel has the knowledge, tools and experience to get the job done right.

Industry-Specific Knowledge and Skills

All technicians are trained to perform commercial repairs and overhauls on medium- and high-speed diesel engines, as well as to maintain all installed sub-systems and equipment. At least 60% of a Cat Certified Marine Dealer’s technicians must be “marine professionals” — that means they have at least five years of experience as Cat marine engine technicians or equivalent marine industry experience.

Cat Certified Marine Dealers who serve the pleasure craft industry must provide additional training. Their technicians complete a Pleasure Craft Customer Policy program to ensure they’re prepared to meet this industry’s unique requirements and high standards. These individuals are equipped to manage the entire service experience for pleasure craft customers, with special emphasis on cleanliness and politeness.

Ongoing Training and Development

Training isn’t a “one-and-done” event for Cat Certified Marine Dealers. Product-specific training is ongoing as new engine models and technologies are introduced.

Plus, each dealership is required to implement a long-term training and development program for its technicians — both new and experienced personnel. Dealers use structured, Caterpillar-endorsed curriculum to evaluate technicians’ performance and continually develop their skills. These programs also help our dealers recruit and retain the best technical personnel by providing defined career paths.

Certification for the Best of the Best

One of those career paths is to become a “Caterpillar Certified Marine Analyst.” These highly skilled, highly trained technicians are experienced in all Cat engines, auxiliary systems and components. They’re certified to perform total systems diagnostics, provide application and installation guidance, and perform sea trials and commissioning tests in support of shipyards and general vessel repairs.

At least 20% of Cat Certified Marine Dealer’s technicians must be recognized as Certified Marine Analysts, with their certification renewed regularly by Caterpillar.