Charge Air Cooler

The charge air cooler is an important device fitted in all turbocharged diesel engines to reduce the temperature of the charged air before its entry to the engine in order to increase the engine efficiency.
When the air is hot, its density is less and thus the mass of air charged into the engine is less when compared to the mass when the air is cold.
Thus the charge air cooler improves the charge air density and its temperature.


  • Longer service life for valve spindles, valve seat inserts, cylinder liners, pistons and piston rings
  • Significantly reduced the risk of potential engine room fire
  • Reduced contamination of lubricating oil resulting in increased service life

To learn more about the MaKTM  Upgrade Solution for Charge Air Cooler, download the flyer or contact your local MaK Dealer.

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Charge Air Cooler
Charge Air Cooler


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