Lip Seal for Turbo Charger

Over the last 25 years, turbochargers have become one of the core technologies in marine diesel engines. MaK™ engines have been at the forefront of improving this technology, and we strive to keep our engines operating in line with the industry’s needs.

One of the results of more recent changes to vessel voyage patterns has been lower ship speed, which can cause problems for engines, turbochargers and air systems. For many MaK engines operating under these conditions, the engine and turbocharger can benefit from a better sealing arrangement.

What’s the Risk?

  • Oil leakage can rapidly lead to a significant accumulation of hard deposits between the bearing housing and the rear of the turbine. 
  • Consequential wear or damages to the sealing area and back of the turbine wheel may result in major malfunction, if the conditions are permitted to persist. 
  • Subsequent to recurring periods of extended low load operation, the risk of oil leakage past the piston ring seal is increased. That’s where our improved lip seal comes in. By improving the sealing arrangement, the lip seal can allow MaK owners and operators to run vessels at low speeds without risk to the turbocharger.

To learn more about how a lip seal can improve your turbocharger’s performance, download our brochure here.

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