Piston Crowns
Piston Crowns

Piston Crowns


Our remanufactured piston crown is guaranteed by an approved and patented process exclusive to Cat® and MaK™ dealers. It is machined to original OEM dimensions to ensure a correct fit to the piston ring, as well as good distribution of gas forces to reduce wear.

This part allows you to quickly replace a piston crown without worrying about its fit. And because we consolidate all work in a globally consistent process, we achieve high quality and lower costs so you can get your vessel up and running quickly and cost-effectively.

Your benefits

  • Full 12 months factory guarantee
  • Unique and exclusive MaK service
  • Technically approved by Caterpillar
  • Cost effective and high quality

What makes the difference?

  • Machined to original OEM dimensions
  • Surface grinding with cross finish
  • Highly effective masking technique
  • No chrome delamination or layering
  • Correct fit and function of piston ring
  • Good distribution of gas forces
  • No additional edge loading
  • Reduced ring groove wear and tear
  • Correct piston ring tension
  • Good lubrication, low liner wear, no blow by

To learn more about our piston crowns and get answers to some frequently asked questions, download our brochure here.

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