Multi-Engine Optimizer

Multi-Engine Optimizer

The Multi-Engine Optimizer (MEO) leverages proprietary engine performance data and patented control algorithms to provide intelligence to any power management system. MEO works by advising a vessel's power management system on which engines to operate and at what load to operate each engine. The ability to operate engines at independent load factors is called dynamic asymmetrical load allocation and is a key element in MEO's ability to provide the lowest possible fuel consumption.

The performance maps and control algorithms also give MEO the ability to manage different type of engines and power sources on the same bus. Customers can now choose combinations of Cat® and MaK engines that best match the customer load profile. A set of high speed engines for load load situations that provide additional power to the set of medium speed engines during high load situations. 


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Introducing Multi-Engine Optimizer




What if you could create one big, customized virtual engine out of your vessel’s individual off-the-shelf engines? With Cat® MEO you can.