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Enjoy fast and easy docking, fingertip maneuvering control, and much more. The Three60 suite of solutions from Caterpillar Marine offers several options for maneuvering of vessels with conventional and pod drives.

Three60 Precision Control is a complete system for conventional drive yachts with precision maneuvering and “Station Keeping.” The supplied system includes joysticks, leverheads, electronics and hydraulic thrusters.

Unmatched response and performance – we’re built to put you in control.

Lisa K - First Yacht with Cat Three60 Precision Control

The Lisa K Yacht - Pleasure Craft boat control solutions

Lisa K was the first yacht to be outfitted with Cat Three60 Precision Control, a joystick system that actuates and controls the engines, transmissions, and bow thrusters simultaneously.

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Cat Three60 Pod

Cat Three60 Pod

Whether you’re setting off on an early-morning outing or returning to the dock at the end of the day, now with the Cat Three60 pod you can have just as much fun maneuvering through the harbor as when you’re cruising through the open sea.

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Dealer Locator

Dealer Locator

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