White Filters

Cat® filters are engineered, built and tested specifically for Cat machines. Our advanced design features maximum filtration efficiency and protection so you get the most out of your machine. Our filters are specifically designed, without compromise, to provide consistent performance quality to protect your Cat machine and improve your bottom line.

While other brand filters may fit, Cat filters provide the superior quality and protection you need to maximize your engine and other component system’s life.

We now offer white filters in addition to the standard yellow, so you can give your pleasure craft engine a clean, sleek look without sacrificing quality or performance.


Fuel Filters
389-0432 (white) corresponds to 1R-0749 (yellow)
389-0433 (white) corresponds to 1R-0755 (yellow)

Oil Filters
389-0434 (white) corresponds to 1R-1808 (yellow)
389-0435 (white) corresponds to 249-2347 (yellow)

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Cat marine engines set the standard for quality, performance and reliability. Throughout the power range, Cat engines have the power not just to accelerate, but to exhilarate.

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