Tier 4 Final Engines For Inland Waterways

Tier 4 Final Engines

For Inland Waterways



Why take a chance on an unproven engine design when you can meet emission standards with the same powerful, reliable, easy-to-maintain marine engine you’re used to? Rather than redesigning Cat® Tier 4 Final engines to reduce NOx emissions in the cylinder, we added an aftertreatment system that cleans up NOx downstream. It’s a better solution for inland waterway vessels because:

  • There’s zero impact on engine efficiency and durability
  •  Savings in diesel fuel more than offset the cost of Diesel Exhaust Fluid (DEF)
  • Your engine continues running at full power even if the aftertreatment fails
  • Engine maintenance remains the same — simple service and long life to overhaul

Explore the links below for more details about what makes Cat Tier 4 Final engines for inland waterways the smart choice — and get answers to common questions about aftertreatment size and installation as well as DEF safety, supply, storage and consumption.

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Inland Waterways Solutions

With a century of experience designing engines and propellers — we know the challenges Inland waterway operators face on a daily basis. Take a quick look at our solutions.

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Marine Power Solutions Guide

Marine Power Solutions Guide

Get the detailed specifications of Caterpillar Marine solutions needed for your projects right at your fingertips.

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