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We know you have questions when it comes to marine engine emissions regulations and the solutions that have been developed to address them. Check out the resources below to find answers specific to our Selective Catalytic Reduction (SCR) solution. Still have questions or concerns? Talk to the experts at your Cat® marine dealer. They understand the technology inside and out.



Technology FAQs

What is SCR? How does it work? Why did Caterpillar choose this technology for marine engine Tier 4 Final products?

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Installation FAQs

Will an SCR system fit in my vessel’s engine room? How hard is it to install? Who’s the go-to expert for all things installation?

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Maintenance & Support FAQs

How do I maintain an SCR system? What’s the overhaul life? Who can I turn to for support and how long is the warranty?

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Diesel Exhaust Fluid FAQs

What is DEF and what concentration should I use? How much will my vessel consume? Where do I get it and how do I store it?

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