Installation Faqs

Your U.S. EPA Tier 4 Final Marine Engine Questions Answered



Q. Will your marine engine Tier 4 Final solution fit in my engine room?

In most cases, even in tightly confined engine rooms, the answer is yes. Every engine room is different, so from the beginning, we focused on making the design of our marine engine Tier 4 Final products flexible and adaptable. For example, it features a closed-loop dosing system — which not only minimizes the amount of Diesel Exhaust Fluid (DEF) consumed, but also reduces the size of the DEF tank required.

To make sure the Caterpillar SCR system fits in your engine room, our engineers will work closely with your naval architects, including walking through a detailed design and construction review checklist. We’re committed to offering unparalleled technical support.

Q. How hard is it to install your marine engine Tier 4 Final solution?

It’s actually quite simple — our SCR system was designed to minimize installation costs. We’ve developed a variety of different orientations for housing the additional equipment, depending on the vessel installation and whether the kit is destined for the stack or the engine room. Again, direct interaction between our engineers and the architects at your shipyard helps simplify the installation process.

Q. What other aftertreatment devices do I need to install?

None. Our marine engine Tier 4 Final solution does not require diesel particulate filters, diesel oxidation catalysts, exhaust scrubbers or any other aftertreatment devices to meet marine emissions regulations. We’re able to reduce particulate matter (PM) to Tier 4 Final levels through in-cylinder enhancements, eliminating the need for additional aftertreatment.

Q. Who do I go to with additional installation questions?

Start with your local Cat Marine dealer, who has access to our comprehensive Tier 4 Final / IMO III marine installation guide. Your dealer can provide more detail on installation requirements and put you or your naval architects in direct contact with the experts at Caterpillar.