simulator training for mining operators

Building Operator Skills

Simulator Training for Mining Operators

Mining companies know that training operators to work safely and productively is important to their operations. Skills development can generate a return on investment and help sites decrease costs and increase profitability. However, dedicating the time, money and equipment necessary to refine operator skills can be a deterrent.

A growing trend is the use of simulators for training. Simulators provide a way for new operators to gain familiarization and understanding of machine controls and learn proper operating procedures before training on actual machines. They also help experienced operators refine skills to increase production levels.


Caterpillar offers two types of simulator-based training for mining operators


Immersive Technologies

High/Medium Fidelity Simulators

Caterpillar Global Mining has a unique alliance with Immersive Technologies to create Advanced Equipment Simulators for use by Cat® dealers and mining customers around the world. Immersive Technologies simulators incorporate advanced technologies that deliver significant and measurable in-field cost reductions, productivity gains and safety improvements:

  • Designed from the ground up, the PRO4 High Fidelity Simulator (optimized for surface mining) and the IM360 High Fidelity Simulator (for underground and surface mining) have set the standard for the mining industry. Immerse trainees in 180-360° full HD environments with dynamically adjusted operator views and new visual systems. Motion technologies deliver finely tuned accuracy and responsiveness, the IM360 motion base can be easily removed to allow freedom of movement for Red Zone avoidance and proximity sensor training.
  • Immersive Technologies’ LX3 Medium Fidelity Simulator (designed for light vehicle and truck training) and LX6 Medium Fidelity Simulator (designed for digging, dozing and grading training) offers a small footprint platform with a modernized, ergonomic design. The LX3 and LX6 are compatible with Immersive Technologies’ wide range of Conversion Kits for Cat® machines, offering value for early stage and high throughput training, including   machine and site familiarization and emergency response training.

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Immersive Technologies  Simulator Unit Immersive Technologies  Simulator Unit

Cat® Simulators

Cat Simulator training provides a safe and efficient way for new operators to gain an understanding of machine controls and learn proper operating procedures, while experienced operators can benefit by refining skills to increase production levels.

By uniting simulated worksite applications and conditions with realistic controls, Cat Simulators provide hands-on learning in a safe and economical way to enhance traditional operator training programs. Each training exercise measures and records the operator’s simulation sessions for review.

Simulator hardware features a motion system and convertible controls on a common base unit. Easily switch from one machine model to another, whether in a classroom or mobile trailer. Cat Simulators are available for construction, mining and forestry.


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Cat Simulators Unit Cat Simulators Unit

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