8 Ways a Scale Study can Improve Your Bottom Line

8 ways a scale study can improve the bottom line for your mine site

The more productively, efficiently and cost-effectively a mine can operate, the lower its operating costs. A number of mines are beginning to recognize the contribution that scale studies can make to this effort. Scale studies can help mine sites:

  1. Maximize payload and increase production. If you’re not getting the maximum load in every cycle, you’re leaving money on the table. And depending on the commodity you’re hauling, that can be a significant loss. It’s vital that you accurately measure your payload.
  2. Validate onboard payload management systems. Onboard tools that track loads, cycle times and payload data are only valuable if they are correctly validated and calibrated to ensure correct reporting.
  3. Improve the return on investment for a truck fleet. Enabling target payloads to be determined and managed across the truck fleet delivers increased production and reduces operating costs. 
  4. Increase operational efficiencies. Overloaded trucks are tough on site conditions, taking a toll on haul road services and reducing efficiency of the mobile fleet.
  5. Reduce fuel usage and lessen carbon footprint. A fully loaded truck moves the maximum amount of material per load, which translates into less fuel burned per ton.
  6. Decrease overall operating costs
  7. Reduce maintenance costs. Excess payload stresses truck frames and components, which can lead to costly repairs and unplanned maintenance.
  8. Extend the lives of equipment, components and tires. Overloading a truck causes additional wear, which can result in premature failure.

Whether they are permanent fixtures or temporary installations for a one-time study, scales help make it possible for mines to lower their costs and improve the performance of the hauling fleet.



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