Autonomous Mining Truck Technology Deployed for Additional Brands and Cat® Models

More Brands, More Cat® Models

Cat® Autonomous Mining Haul Truck Technology

Autonomous Mining Truck Technology Deployed for Additional Brands and Cat® Models

Komatsu 930E Among the First

Putting its commitment to retrofit solutions and mixed-fleet interoperability into practice, Caterpillar is currently installing Cat® MineStar™ Command for hauling technology on Komatsu 930E mining trucks in the Pilbara region of Western Australia.

The first commercial installation of the retrofit package will be completed before the end of the year. Caterpillar will retrofit 24 of the 930E trucks to work autonomously alongside the mine’s fleet of autonomous Cat trucks.

“Our interoperability initiative is driven by mining companies’ goals of making best use of their existing fleets,” said Craig Watkins, MineStar Solutions manager. “The Cat system makes it possible to operate different brands and sizes of trucks as well as manned trucks and autonomous trucks in the same space. Dynamic truck assignment optimizes productivity. Our system also offers the flexibility to scale up fleet size to meet the mine’s needs.”

No matter the payload or manufacturer, MineStar Command for hauling also allows trucks to operate at their full capabilities. The productivity gains attributed to Command for hauling are proven and growing. For example, Caterpillar customer Fortescue Metals Group has measured a 30 percent improvement in productivity from its fleet of 70 Command-equipped trucks working at its Solomon Hub mines.

In addition to the commercial launch of the 930E system, the first trial of autonomous Cat 797F mining trucks is underway at a mine in North America. With nominal capacity of 363 tonnes (400 tons), the 797F is Caterpillar’s largest truck. Caterpillar continues to develop Command for hauling systems for an expanded range of models. The new Cat autonomous trucks will join the proven 227-tonne-capacity (250-ton) Cat 793F CMD in the autonomous truck line.

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Mixed fleet inter-operability

Making it possible for machines, technologies, systems and processes to work together is fundamental to the successful implementation of mining technology offerings. Providing this interoperability is a key focus at Caterpillar. Read more at

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