Command for Hauling - Expanding to Include Additional Models and Brands for Autonomous Mining

Interoperability Helps Reduce Costs

Caterpillar is developing autonomous mining truck technology for an expanded range of models, including other brands. At a recent Cat® MineStar Command for hauling demonstration at the company’s facility in Arizona, Caterpillar announced a project to adapt hardware and software for retrofitting the Komatsu 930E mining truck with Cat autonomous technology. This interoperability initiative is driven by mining companies’ goal of reducing mining costs using their existing fleets.

“Retrofitting technology is a proven means for mining companies to get the most from their assets,” said Sean McGinnis, product manager, Command for hauling. “And many mining companies operate mixed fleets of trucks. Developing autonomous systems for other brands of trucks will enable us to offer a total solution to these customers.”

Additionally, Caterpillar is expanding the number of Cat truck models fitted for autonomous operation. The autonomous arrangement of the 797F, the largest of the Cat line with 363-tonnes (400 tons) payload capacity, is now being tested. Other models are being evaluated as Caterpillar works with mining companies seeking ways to lower cost per ton and enhance safety.

The new Cat autonomous trucks will join the proven Cat 793F CMD in the autonomous mining truck line. A large fleet of the 227-tonne-capacity (250-ton) trucks has achieved a 20 percent productivity advantage over standard trucks working in an Australian iron ore mine. Also, the fleet and support staff have achieved zero lost time injuries since the first trucks started operating more than 3.5 years ago. In keeping with the retrofit trend, several of the current global fleet of 70 Cat 793F autonomous trucks have been retrofitted to operate autonomously.

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Cat MineStar - Command for Hauling Expands to Include the Cat 797F and Komatsu 930E - Autonomous Mining
An expanded range of mining truck models and brands, including the Cat® 797F and Komatsu 930E, provides customers with interoperability to help lower costs of mining operations.
Cat® Command for hauling is an autonomous haulage solution that can increase your safety, efficiency, productivity and more. Trucks can travel to the loading and dump points, fueling stations, haul roads and more — all without the need for an operator to step on board.