Cat® Detect Personnel for Longwall Mining - Brochure

Detect Personnel for Longwall Mining

Adding a New Safety Feature

Longwall mining is one of the most extreme environments. To serve and protect the mines most valuable asset, the operator, is at the center of this latest technology. For longwalls, this requires a system that protects the miner even when distracted or incapacitated. Detect for longwall adds another layer of safety to longwall systems along with typical lock-out procedures.

The new personnel proximity detection (PPD) system enables mine operators to control machine motion as well as detect and track personnel on the longwall face. The technology can differentiate between operators and control machine motion up to and including inhibiting automated machine advancement if an operator is in a hazardous area. Working in conjunction with advanced automation features found within normal operation of longwall systems, PPD enhances machine control, allowing mine operators to continue meeting production demands with the utmost safety.

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