Cat® Health: Connect with Your Equipment and Listen to What it’s Telling You


As ever-more advanced machine condition monitoring technologies go to work on today’s mine sites, miners are taking advantage of a number of benefits related to equipment health and maintenance—improvements to help control costs by detecting problems early and streamline service scheduling for minimum production disruption. 

Cat® Health keeps you connected, so you’ll always know what’s happening with your fleet. It works with multiple brands of equipment—monitoring critical parameters, analyzing trends and providing real-time alerts when issues arise. Cat Health gives you the inside information you need to run machines as efficiently as possible for as long as possible. 

Reduce Owning and Operating Costs

Cat Health tracks and records a wide range of machine parameters, records incidents for analysis and builds a database for ongoing fleet health analysis. Customizable reports help managers track what service is due on their fleet, schedule repairs and monitor post-repair performance.

Additionally, Cat Health leverages the power of lessons learned on fleets all around the world by combining Caterpillar and Cat Dealer expertise with field-tested best practices and fleet performance data.  

Repair Before Failure

Cat Health monitoring technologies promote repair-before-failure strategies by identifying possible problems proactively, before they cause a major machine failure. For example, service personnel get instant alerts when problems arise, so they can act quickly to prevent failures by shutting the machine down if necessary or bringing it in for service at the most opportune time. 

Cat Health also provides proactive equipment management through recommendations for work based on predictive analytics that allow maintenance procedures to be planned, scheduled and performed on time, decreasing the risk of catastrophic failure and reducing overall maintenance time.

Component Tracking

Component tracking is another feature within Cat Health that lets mine managers monitor the use and condition of components to ensure they’re replaced exactly when needed—meaning before failure, but not before the end of their useful life. 

Knowing exactly how long, and in what conditions these components have been operating, allows maintenance managers to make informed decisions about replacement, which helps keep downtime and costs to a minimum.

Value Tracking

Cat Health allows you to quantify the value of repair-before-failure strategies in terms of cost- and risk-avoidance associated with major failures and unplanned downtime.


Cat Health At a Glance

Cat Health keeps you connected, so you’ll always know what’s happening with your fleet.