MD6200 Rotary Drill Unveiled


Nearly 200 representatives of the surface mining and quarry industries got a sneak peek at a new Cat® rotary drill as well as an overview of the complete Cat drills lineup during a recent program at the Cat drills factory in Denison, Texas.

The invitation-only event included the unveiling of the new Cat MD6200 blasthole drill, Caterpillar’s smallest and most transportable drill yet. The versatile MD6200 is designed to perform rotary or DTH drilling in single-pass or multi-pass modes and can drill holes of 127 to 200 mm (5.0 to 7.87 inches) in diameter.

The MD6200 offers the ability to drill at a negative angle up to 15 degrees, which enables matching the slope of the highwall for pre-split drilling. The result is cleaner highwalls with less waste material going to downstream operations. For traditional production drilling, the mast can tilt from vertical out to 30 degrees. The operator can adjust the mast angle in increments of 5 degrees from the touch screen in the cab — with no special setup required.

“We were really proud to let our customers get a look at the new MD6200,” said Matt Jacobs, Caterpillar Commercial Manager for Drills. “It might be our smallest drill yet, but it delivers some big results. From its negative angle capability to a best-in-class shipping envelope and autonomous capabilities — the MD6200 can help our customers get more out of their drilling operation.”

In addition to the MD6200, participants also had an opportunity to do walk-arounds of other Cat drills, including the MD6250 and MD6310 — two recent additions to the lineup that are fully integrated with Cat design, components and technology, as well as built-in autonomous features and the option to integrate Cat MineStar™ technologies.

Drilling autonomy was another key focus area of the program, with an autonomy demonstration and subject matter experts on hand. “Autonomy is one of the biggest game-changers when it comes to drilling, and it’s an important part of our development program in the coming years,” said Jacobs. “It’s a journey we’re excited to be on with our customers.” The journey starts with MineStar Terrain for drilling, which provides high-precision guidance, hole depth control and production monitoring. The addition of Command for drilling enables semi-autonomous and fully autonomous drill cycles.

Participants also got an update on plans for future development. “Cat drills are built on a legacy – and we’re continuing that legacy with other drills that are 100 percent Caterpillar. We’re fully committed to continuing our product line growth, with additions like Ultra Diesel and Ultra Electric options as well as new down-the-hole machines.”

Attendees also got an update on expanding aftermarket offerings, with consumables like down-the-hole hammers and new Tricone bits.

Following the program, a number of participants traveled to Tucson, Arizona, for a demonstration and program focused on the full suite of Cat MineStar technology offerings.

Attendees view the Cat MD6200 Rotary Blasthole Drill Rig Up Close Attendees view the Cat MD6200 Rotary Blasthole Drill Rig Up Close

Small Drill, Big Results

The Cat® MD6200 crawler-mounted blasthole drill is designed to drill 127-200 mm (5.0-7.87 in) diameter holes. The MD6200 is optimized for single-pass or multi-pass drilling, in both Rotary and DTH drilling modes. Available with a standard Angle Drilling Package (0 to 30°), with an optional package to allow for Pre-Split Drilling (a negative angle to 15°, in 5° increments). 

Meet the MD6200