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Collisions between heavy and light vehicles, one of the most common types of accidents on mine sites, can cause significant injuries — or worse. Collision avoidance technologies implemented on large mining equipment go a long way toward improving visibility, eliminating blind spots and improving site safety for everyone.

An added benefit to the safety improvements realized through these systems is the reduction in costs and downtime associated with collisions. A single accident with no injuries can limit machine availability and put mining operations on hold for days. The resulting repair costs, equipment downtime, administrative requirements and lost productivity all have a significant impact on the bottom line.

Automatic detection systems look in all high-risk directions at once, identify potential problems and attract the operator’s attention to those areas where potential collisions could occur. Research shows that a combination of cameras and radars offers the best technology solution to address this important issue.

These systems automatically detect hazards such as other equipment or vehicles within critical zones around the machine — in front, at the rear or within the turning radius on each side, depending on machine type. Zones can be displayed automatically depending on the gear selection of the vehicle. For example, a forward view may be displayed when the machine is in drive or a rear view when it is in reverse. Systems can also highlight specific views to show the operator where potential hazards may be. For example, if radars detect a light vehicle approaching from the right side, the system will switch to a right-side camera view.

Beyond reducing costs and downtime associated with collisions, the better site awareness these systems provide also can help operators work more confidently and productively. The technology also has the potential to boost haul truck cycle times by assuring operators that loading and dump areas are clear as they get ready to pull away, allowing them to work more smoothly and efficiently.

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