Zero-Incident Performance


Mine site safety is more than a collection of technologies and solutions that reduce the risk of a machine collision; zero-incident performance takes a culture of safety throughout an operation.

Caterpillar’s Zero-Incident Performance (ZIP™) Process begins with a cultural assessment that identifies safety perceptions throughout the organization to establish a company-wide baseline for improvement. By surveying all employees, interviewing key members of the team and completing a fatigue risk assessment, Caterpillar builds a holistic view of the cultural influencers that drive a company’s safety performance.

This data can be used to focus a continuous improvement journey that engages the entire organization in a system of accountability for error-proofing processes.

With the development of fatigue management services, Caterpillar has become the first single organization to offer every aspect of a Fatigue Risk Management Solution along with supporting safety services, consulting and training products. Until now, mine sites have used multiple partners to create fatigue and safety solutions, with training from one company, technology from another and consulting from a third.

Caterpillar’s complete solution brings velocity to customers’ pursuit of zero-incident performance.

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