Cat® Equipment Simulator Training


Today’s mining companies recognize the importance of providing equipment operators the training they need to operate safely and productively. To help them in this effort, Caterpillar offers a variety of training solutions — from instructor-led classroom sessions and in-the-iron sessions to a breadth of simulator training solutions that make it possible for training to take place in a safe, controlled environment where there’s no danger to the machine and no risk of injury for the operator.

Simulator training provides a safe way for new operators to gain familiarization and understanding of machine controls and to learn proper operating procedures before training on the iron. It also provides an opportunity for experienced operators to improve their skills and increase productivity.


  • Consistency. All operators are trained to the same standards, and simulation is totally objective and impartial in its evaluation of performance.
  • Improved safety. Operators train without risk to machines, themselves, instructors, co-workers or property.
  • Emergency scenario training. Simulators allow operators to repeatedly enact detailed emergency scenarios — something that is impossible to replicate in a real machine.
  • Increased production. Simulator-trained operators are generally more efficient and productive on real machines.
  • Reduced training time. Data shows that simulator-trained operators require less time to achieve competency and specific training objectives.
  • Training flexibility. Training can take place any time, night or day, on-site or off-site, and regardless of weather conditions.
  • Reduced costs. Training costs are lowered by pre-screening applicants, decreasing training supervision requirements, and reducing training time and machine operating costs.
  • Decreased production loss. Simulators minimize the use of production machines for training.
  • Greater sustainability. Fewer greenhouse gases are produced through simulators when compared to a real machine. And improved skills lead to fewer repairs, less fuel usage, fewer greenhouse gases, and fewer components and parts.

High Fidelity Mining Simulators

Caterpillar partners with ThoroughTec Simulation to offer a comprehensive portfolio of ultra-high-fidelity operator training simulators for Cat surface and underground mining equipment. The company’s CYBERMINE simulator cabs are highly realistic replicas of the actual mining equipment, where instruments and controls look, feel and operate as they do in the actual mining vehicle. 

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Cat® Simulators

By uniting simulated worksite applications and conditions with realistic controls, Cat Simulators provide hands-on learning in a safe and economical way to enhance traditional operator training programs. Each training exercise measures and records the operator’s simulation sessions for review. Simulator hardware features a motion system and convertible controls on a common base unit. Users can easily switch from one machine model to another, whether in a classroom or mobile trailer. 

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Cat Simulators
Cat Simulators