Cat® Electric Rope Shovel Series


The Cat® Operator Assist - Enhanced Motion Control system was designed, tested, and optimized to provide additional self-protection features to the 7495 Series Electric Rope Shovels without sacrificing productivity. Simplifying the dipper loading process allows operators to benefit from the enhanced machine capabilities.

Operators can focus on the truck loading process while improving thru-bank digging; reducing system stress and providing equal or better cycle times.

Compatible with operating 7495 Series shovels and standard on a new 7495 shovel, the operator Assist — Enhanced Motion Control system reduces machine downtime while maintaining productivity, ultimately improving cost per ton.

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enhanced motion control enhanced motion control


The Cat® 7495 and 7495 HF Electric Rope Shovels offer several key features which maximize the safety of those on and around the shovel during operation and maintenance tasks.  

From best-in-class operator visibility and egress, to the easily accessible deck-mounted crowd machinery, the 7495 and 7495 HF are built to help you move more—safely. 

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maximizing safety maximizing safety


Avoid the leading cause of rope shovel downtime with the LatchFree™  Dipper System. The first successful solution to the number one cause of rope shovel downtime, the LatchFree Dipper System, replaces the maintenance-intense latch assembly with a strong steel link assembly. 

With the elimination of the maintenance associated with the latch assembly and an extended service interval, your rope shovel will spend more time loading, ultimately reducing your total cost of ownership.

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latchfree dipper system latchfree dipper system


Reducing the time your electric rope shovel is down for maintenance is critically important. Caterpillar's new propel drive system upgrade reduces downtime and lowers total cost of ownership by making servicing the propel drive shaft easier and less labor intense. 

Accessibility from the outboard side allows the drive tumbler and propel drive shaft to be replaced without removing the propel transmission. Plus, as the original equipment manufacturer, you can rest assured that all areas of the machine have been carefully analyzed. No modifications to the frame ensure proper fit and function. That's Reliability at Work. 

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propel shaft upgrade propel shaft upgrade


We understand the importance of providing you intelligent aftermarket solutions for your Cat® Electric Rope Shovel. We also know the importance of having the parts you need when you need them - that's why we designed a universal handle. 

Compatible with 7395 and all 7495 series Electric Rope Shovels, the new handle design increases component life extending the change out interval and ultimately reducing maintenance downtime.

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universal handle universal handle


What was once a regular maintenance event is no longer. The revolutionary wet disk snubber design is maintenance and adjustment free for two years.

Correlating with a dipper rebuild cycle at 12,000 hours,  the new set-and-forget snubber design works and wears with the dipper creating a more reliable, robust system.  

Better yet, the units can be rebuilt three times before they have to be replaced. Reduced maintenance costs along with increased service life leads to more productivity and lower total cost of ownership. That's Reliability at Work.

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wet disk snubber wet disk snubber

Cat® Integral Fast Propel Transfer Switch

Everyone benefits from a more productive shovel. The new Cat® integral fast propel transfer switch is a more responsive system that improves mode transfer as much as 75%, potentially gaining more than 40 production hours annually and reducing service and costs due to downtime. 

Operators will praise the efficiency of the reduced dig and propel mode transition – from 2.7 seconds to 700 milliseconds. Service technicians will like the minimal maintenance and rugged construction, achieving an up to three-year repair interval. Creating better systems to make you more productive: that’s reliability at work. 

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integral fast propel transfer switch integral fast propel transfer switch

Cat® Swing Rack Improvement Retrofit

Your swing rack is one of the hardest working pieces of your shovel. Every stress from every load passes through it. The more durable it is, the more reliable your entire machine will be. That's what inspired the latest iteration of swing racks for Cat® Electric Rope Shovels. The result is a more efficient version of itself, with far-reaching effects.

Designed with ease for retrofit in mind, this swing rack adds strength where it matters without adding unnecessary bulk. The changes ensure the highest structural integrity for your swing rack’s usable life, on which everything above it depends. 

Durable parts that lower future maintenance costs is reliability at work. 

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swing rack improvement retrofit swing rack improvement retrofit