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Cat® Tricone Drill Bits

No matter what type of material you’re drilling, there’s a Cat Tricone Drill Bit to handle the job productively, reliably and at a lower operating cost.

Selecting the right bit for the job is the first step in maximizing your drill’s productivity. By properly balancing bit life and penetration rate, Cat bits have achieved up to a 30% better penetration rate or up to 35% longer life than bits from other manufacturers. While results can vary based on your site’s specific conditions, Cat Tricone bits have demonstrated as much as a 35% decrease in overall cost per meter drilled.

Cat bits come in multiple shapes and compositions to meet the needs of your application, and they’re designed to work with drills from any manufacturer. Like all Cat products, they are supported by the global Cat dealer network. That means superior support, distribution and availability — giving you a single source for the bits you need to keep your operation moving.

We’ve made selecting the right bit less complicated, with simplified options for soft, medium and hard material as well as abrasive applications. Cat Tricone bits are versatile and adaptable to meet your site-specific needs. For larger orders, we also offer custom-designed bits that are better suited to deal with unique applications and challenges.

Your Cat dealer will work with you to determine the Cat drill bit that is right for your operation based on the type of material you’re drilling. 

Cat Tricone Bits

New: Down-the-Hole Hammers & Bits from Caterpillar

Designed for the most severe blasthole drilling applications, yet cost effective for a wide range of drilling needs.

Caterpillar’s advanced materials and heat treatment technology used in our DTH products yield longer life and result in lower overall drilling costs in demanding conditions. In head-to-head tests conducted in iron ore and quarry applications, Cat DTH Hammers and Bits demonstrated significantly lower total cost of drilling.

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A Bit For Every Application

We offer a number of bits to meet the needs of every site and application. This catalog contains information about the full family of Cat Tricone Bits.        

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See your local Cat dealer for more information about Cat Tricone Drill Bits.

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