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Cat® Command for Drilling

Cost-effective, high-precision drilling gets your whole mining value chain off to a good start. Cat® Command for drilling, a capability of the Cat MineStar™ technology suite, helps you achieve excellent results through drill automation — which will ultimately reduce operating costs and improve productivity. From predrill planning to blasting, Command impacts the bottom line all the way through the crusher and mill.

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Cat® Command for Drilling (Drill Automation) - Brochure Cover Cat® Command for Drilling (Drill Automation) - Brochure Cover

Open Up New Opportunities with Cat® MineStar™

For mines large and small, above and below ground, Cat® MineStar™ helps you deal with everyday challenges: Controlling costs. Extending equipment life. Enhancing safety. And it fits right into your operation—working with any brand of equipment and sharing data across existing machines, systems and technologies.

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