Condition Monitoring (CM) Service is a Caterpillar offering that partners the strengths of your maintenance organization with those of your local Cat dealer and the MineStar Fleet Monitoring Center. The CM Service leverages analytics to deploy a predictive maintenance initiative that:

  • Improves availability and reliability through predictive maintenance
  • Empowers reliability engineers to improve maintenance planning
  • Extends machine life
  • Utilizes machine condition monitoring data for analytics projects
Cat condition Monitoring Service
Cat condition Monitoring Service

The 6 Elements of Cat CM Service

Certified Caterpillar Condition Monitoring Advisor

This full-time expert, located in the Fleet Monitoring Center, is dedicated to analyzing your fleet and providing predictive maintenance recommendations.

Predictive Analytical Software

CM Service leverages a cloud-hosted software that is designed specifically for the mining industry.

Dynamic Health Data Visualization

Site reliability engineers and maintenance planners have access to a cloud-hosted application that provides real-time visibility of machine, inspection and fluids data at the mine site level. This data is used for Preventive Maintenance (PM) planning, monitoring of critical machine parameters, and analysis of operational trends and patterns.

Mentoring and Improvement Program

Caterpillar will deploy resources to your site to support the local maintenance team, helping them make business process improvements to the maintenance program. 

Data Connectivity

CM Service includes the hardware and software required to collect condition monitoring data from the mining equipment on site, as well as from site or dealer databases, for transmission to the MineStar Health Fleet Monitoring Center in Tucson, Arizona. 

Application Program Interface

Real-time data and information will be transferred between Caterpillar, Cat dealer and mine-site databases to affect the service.