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Room & Pillar

Cat® Room & Pillar Parts

We Know Your Machine and What it Needs

Your Cat® machine could be unique and custom made – many of our continuous miners were built specifically for the mines they were going in to. We know your machine and what parts it needs. We also know you rely on this equipment daily, hourly or - in the case of shield haulers - precisely on demand. Between Caterpillar and our local Cat dealers, we have dedicated room and pillar engineers who know the design of your machine and its unique parts needs. Some parts will be in stock, and some parts may require engineering work and design. We offer both.

Your Cat® continuous miner, scoop, bolter or shield hauler was built to last, and who better to support its continued production capability than those who designed it? We no longer sell new room & pillar equipment, but we absolutely stand behind what we’ve sold.


Built to Be Rebuilt

When coal demand is ramping up fast, you may need to pull older equipment back into service just as quickly. Our room & pillar parts team and local Cat® dealers can help you rebuild, refurbish and even update-to-improve your Cat room and pillar machines. To better understand the possibilities, reach out to us via the Contact Us form below or by contacting your local Cat dealer directly. Your Cat machine was designed to be rebuilt – Do it with Cat parts and the support of your local Cat Dealer.


Whether from Caterpillar or your local dealer, we're here to provide the parts, expertise and help you require to stay productive. Need in-stock parts, custom design work, engineering service or a complete rebuild?

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