G3600 A4™ Technology Exceeds Expectations

ADEM A4™ Technology and the Cat® G3600 Engine

Caterpillar has a long history of investing in research and development to create innovative products that exceed customer expectations. One of the latest examples is the new line of G3600 engines with A4™ technology – perhaps the most significant upgrade in the 3600 series since its inception.

With the introduction of ambient rating capability, the G3600 A4™ engine line produces more horsepower dynamically with changes in ambient temperature. As ambient air temperature goes down, available horsepower goes up.

The 5 percent power increase and expanded fuel flexibility, coupled with meeting low emissions standards makes this product a winner in the marketplace. The G3600 A4™ now delivers reliable in-cylinder NOx emissions control at 0.3g/BHP-HR.

Regarding fuel flexibility, the 3600 A4™ engines can operate at full power up to 1550 BTU gas and have a derate schedule up to 2300 BTU, covering the widest range of fuel qualities found in the gas compression industry.

Manufactured in Lafayette, Indiana, Cat G3600 engines have logged over 150 million gas compression operating hours worldwide. With all of the recent innovations to the engines, Caterpillar’s customers continue to be pleased with the durability and reliability of the product line.

“Caterpillar’s engine technology makes a difference. We were the first packager to include Cat ADEM A4™ technology for increased power density and better fuel flexibility. We’re starting to see more people ask for it,” said Brett Bucelluni, Director of Compression Product Line at Exterran®.

Caterpillar is committed to the success of our customers. Our talented research and design teams work directly with customers to find out what they want to see next, then implement rigorous design programs – often times developing proprietary technologies to meet those customer needs, just as they did with the G3600 product line. 

Download ADEM A4™ Infographic