Listen in as two Texas gas compression customers explain why they count on Cat engines in today’s difficult market


Brett Bucelluni – Director of Compression Product Line, Exterran, Houston, Texas USA

Why do we use Cat engines in our gas compression equipment packages? Caterpillar has dominated the market in our area since early 1990s. They’re a well-known name and well received, so a lot of our customers ask for Cat engines specifically. Cat has a lot of equipment out there now, too, and customers want what they already have. It saves on training and part procurement, and the engines are exceptionally good in the field.

Meeting Customer Needs

When customers ask for a Cat driver, we’re able to give them the small and the large from Cat’s broad product line. We can give the customer exactly what he’s asking for. That’s a necessity in our business.

Cat engine technology makes a difference, as well. We were the first packager to include Cat ADEM A4 Technology for increased power density and better fuel flexibility. We’re starting to see more people ask for it. It gives the engines a wider fuel tolerance, so customers can take advantage of higher BTU gasses with more CO2 or hydrogen sulfide. It just gives you wider variety of fuels you can use.

Support That Wins Contracts

We have a very good working relationship with Mustang Cat, our Cat Dealer here in Houston. We get good response and very good service from Mustang. I wouldn’t trade it for anything.

Paul Ludwick – President, CDM Resource Management LLC, (CITY), Texas USA

As a contract services provider for the Gulf Coast, West Texas and other shale regions, we maintain and operate all of our own equipment. We’re not a rental company and we don’t sell the equipment, because we want to keep it all under our control.

All Cat All The Time

We use all Cat engines because they can catch a wide array of conditions. We can customize when we need to, but our standard designs fit 95% of the applications we service.

Why Cat?
The engines are dependable, cost efficient and widely available. By standardizing our fleet it allows us to train our people better, plus we get commonality of parts. Operators know how to take care of it and we’re not chasing parts around. It’s just more efficient for us.
We tried other equipment but we feel that we’re better served by Cat products. We get the best bang for our buck in terms of life cycle costs, which means that long-term we see the best value.

99% Availability And Long Life

We guarantee 98% contract availability, so we have to have a good product in the field. With Cat engines, we consistently perform better than that—around 99% availability.
Today, we have the largest fleet of Cat 3606 engines in the industry. With 357 units in the field, we’ve found that the lifecycle of the 3606s beats our expectations. They’re advertised at six years between overhauls, but we’re seeing ten years and looking at going past that. That puts our overhaul cost out almost twice as long. We’re saving a lot of money and we’re able to do other things with our resources.

Cat engines have been a key component to the success of CDM. Two words: Great product.