Land Drilling Equipment Management

Equipment Management. It matters.

In the oil and gas business these days, you have to do more work in less time - and at lower cost - just to stay competitive. At the same time, your equipment has become more complex. Performing routine inspections and daily walk-arounds isn't enough anymore.

You need hard facts about your equipment. Lots of them. About how well your assets are working. And how efficiently your operation is running.

Fortunately, technology built into today's equipment can give you the timely information you need. Using data from your assets and easy-to-use analysis tools from your Cat® dealer, you can make well-informed and timely equipment management decisions that can help you control costs, improve operations, manage people and reduce risk.

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Equipment Management Benefits

Control Costs
  • Find and eliminate unproductive idle time to reduce fuel costs and limit total engine hours for increased time between overhauls.
  • Spot and fix small problems before they develop into major failures to save big on service costs.
  • Keep up with maintenance schedules to maximize asset life and reduce total owning and operating costs.
Improve Operations
  • Find the best time to schedule services or preventive repairs.
  • Manage each asset’s logistics throughout its use cycle.
  • Determine whether you can take an asset off of a job and still meet your deadline.
  • Decide when to upgrade or replace older equipment to get the most advantageous deal for your business.
Manage People
  • Monitor your operation to see where efficiency is optimized and where more training may be needed.
  • Allocate service personnel so they stay busy without becoming overtasked.
  • Reward good performance to promote employee pride and a culture of safety.
  • Increase employee engagement through job efficiencies that allow them to complete job tasks in less time without having to sacrifice time with their families.
Reduce Risk
  • Track asset locations to help keep your equipment safe and secure.
  • Get accurate feedback on your operations to make a smarter and safer work environment.
  • Maintain regulatory compliance to avoid fines and complications.
  • Reduce costly downtime and failures by receiving fault codes sent directly to your mobile device, so you can perform remote troubleshooting.

Monitor your engine from anywhere.

From tracking fuel burn to monitoring employee performance, Cat Product Link™ automatically collects and analyzes asset data. It’s designed to help you make sound operational adjustments, in less time, in order to minimize your overall costs and improve uptime. Ask us about the best solution for your rig. Find a Cat dealer near you.


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