Performance Explained: How The New G3600 A4 Achieves A Greater Fuel Tolerance

G3600 A4

Performance Explained: How The New G3600 A4 Achieves A Greater Fuel Tolerance

The new G3600 A4 is the latest variation of Cat’s 3600 series. The G3600 A4 is designed to exceed expectations with increased fuel flexibility, expanded altitude capabilities, and more power. Most of the G3600’s improvements, like the two-stage aftercooler, are outside the power cylinder. The two-stage aftercooler is used to increase the charge density which provides cooler, denser air to the power cylinder. Greater fuel tolerance is achieved through use of a Miller Cycle. Using a Miller Cycle creates an effective pressure ratio within the power cylinder, providing a greater knock margin. The piston ball geometry has been optimized to create an improved swirl ratio within the power cylinder which leads to a cleaner burn and lower emissions. Upgraded turbo chargers have a more efficient trim selection, providing greater performance throughout the range of operation.

All in all, the G3600 series from Caterpillar provides far greater power, more fuel tolerance, greater altitude performance, lower emissions, and the ability to operate as an ambient rated engine.



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