New Cat Technology for your Pressure Pump

Caterpillar has developed new, innovative products specifically designed so customers can get the best life out of their well service pressure pumping trailers.

The Pump Electronic Monitoring System (PEMS) monitors the condition of a pump through sensors that are attached to both the fluid end and power end. These sensors connect to a control module which runs precise algorithms that recognize failure modes and provides warnings about key issues such as cavitation and leaking.

In addition to PEMS, Caterpillar has introduced pump filtration equipped with two key features: an integrated bypass indicator and pressure sensor. When combined with PEMS the bypass indicator will monitor when bypassing occurs and the pressure sensor will monitor delta pressor across the filters.

Daryl Belshan, Engineering Project Team Leader, commented that “this system provides the last line of defense for the power end lube oil to ensure that anything going into your power end is going to be clean.”


“Caterpillar is there for you as a customer to continue to push the envelope on design improvements that help you get the best life out of your power end and your fluid end.” –Derek P. Kamp, Well Service Industry Manager.


Meet the new Cat innovative solutions for pressure pumps including Pump Electronic Monitoring System (PEMS) and our new filtration systems to get the best life out of your power end and fluid end.


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