Bigger is Better

Bigger is Better

4 Reasons you need the WS305 XD Pump

Bigger is Better


Introduced in 2014, the 3,000-horsepower Cat® WS305 XD Pump is the world’s only 65-inch well stimulation pump. We went bigger than the industry standard of 60 inches for a reason — four of them, actually. Here’s why bigger really is better for your operation:

1.  More flow per stroke

The key difference between the WS305 XD and 60-inch pumps is its stroke length: 10 inches versus eight. Because we extended the length without changing plunger diameter, you can push more water per revolution — 30% more than a 60-inch pump — with no added load on the plunger. That gives you options. Run it at a lower speed to push the same amount of fluid as your smaller pumps or crank it up when you need more flow.

2.  More flexibility to bring rate online

Bringing extra horsepower on location “just in case” can be a costly habit. Here’s a way to break it: Operate the WS305 XD like a smaller pump on an everyday basis. If another unit goes down, you can run the WS305 XD at full capacity to generate the flow you need. It’s a way to achieve peace of mind without having to pay to bring an auxiliary piece of equipment on site. (Bonus: The WS305 XD is available with the Pump Electronic Monitoring System, or PEMS, which detects failure modes like cavitation and leaks before they happen — another way to keep downtime to a minimum.)

3. More load-carrying capability

Another advantage of the WS305 XD is its industry-leading center-to-center distance. At 13 inches instead of 12, it features 10% more journal bearing surface area. Why does that matter? Because bigger bearings handle load better and improve lube flow rate and coverage — no complicated lubrication system required. With the WS305 XD, you get better load-carrying capability with a traditional lube system that’s easy to maintain and package.

4. More output, same footprint

Don’t want to add more width on your trailers to accommodate a bigger pump? You don’t have to. Say you’re using a 3512C Tier 2 engine and a TH55-E70 transmission operating in third gear to drive your pumps. In that case, you could achieve 100 BPM output in the same footprint with 14 WS305 XD Pumps versus 20 WS255s.

Talk to your local Cat dealer today about putting the bigger AND better WS305 XD Pump to work on your frac trailers.




Pump Electronic Monitoring System

Pump Electronic Monitoring System

PEMS brings the smart technology used on engines and transmissions to your pumps, alerting you to potential problems so you can fix them before they fail, reduce downtime and cut your costs.

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WS305 XD Well Stimulation Pump

WS305 XD

This 3,000-horsepower pump is the industry’s only 65-inch unit, featuring a 10-inch stroke length, 13-inch center distance and 30% more flow per stroke than 60-inch pumps.

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