Today’s well service equipment has to run harder and longer than ever. How do you make sure your next engine-transmission-pump system can deliver the reliability and performance that your operation demands? Here are five equipment management strategies you can use to maximize uptime and improve your well service operations from top to bottom.


1. Demand Specialized Equipment for Your Application

In today’s market, the well service equipment used 10 years ago just won’t cut it. It has to produce more power in a smaller package to allow for flexibility in logistics and transportation. 

Cat well service products are designed to work together as a system. Engines, transmissions and pumps are engineered so that each component maximizes the performance and reliability of the next. Every Cat product goes through a rigorous design and validation process. The same engineers who design hydraulic pumps for Cat mining trucks also designed the valves and seats for our hydraulic well stimulation pumps. Those valves and seats are the industry standard now because they can run upwards of 40-50 stages before replacement. That longer life helps to increase customer revenue.


2. Get everything from one source

Integration optimizes the performance of the powertrain while simplifying the top-level controls system, no matter what the application: frac trucks, cementing units, workovers, you name it.

Caterpillar provides the broadest range of products in the industry, with smaller horsepower options for cementing and blending, all the way up to 3,300 horsepower for hydraulic fracturing.

Getting all three components from a single supplier also gives you one point of contact for product support. Your Cat dealer can supply technicians anywhere in the world who are specially trained to work on all three components.


3. Use Technology to Monitor Your Equipment

Sensor technologies built into today’s engines, transmission and pumps open up a world of information. You can use equipment-generated data to track asset locations and monitor the ongoing status of your entire fleet.

Your Cat Dealer offers Advanced Condition Monitoring that streams data from your equipment in real time. Cat specialists can then analyze it and proactively notify you if there’s an issue before a failure occurs. They can also make recommendations to help you raise overall utilization rates.

Cat 3512 engines ship from the factory with our Cat Connect monitoring technology —Product Link— already installed. Your Cat dealer we can tailor the system to the needs of your operation.



Select Cat engines can be configured to substitute cheaper natural gas for a significant portion of the diesel fuel used in day-to-day operations. In some cases, you may be able to use associated gas produced right on site.

Cat Dynamic Gas Blending is a process that displaces upwards of 70% of the total energy consumed by the engine. Completely integrated with Cat engine and control systems, it optimizes engine performance and maximizes the amount of gas substitution. You Cat dealer can help you decide if Dynamic Gas Blending is a good option to help reduce your operating costs.



In the well service business, success often comes down to who you know. No matter where you work in the world, the Cat dealer network is ready to get you the vital parts and timely service you need to maintain uptime.

The Cat dealer network is in 200+ countries worldwide. With a comprehensive supply of parts in stock locally, you can count on getting everything delivered quickly. We also offer support for other aspects of your business, including Cat Financing for your upfront purchase or Cat Insurance to help you reduce ongoing financial risks.

From Midland, Texas, to mainland China, the Cat dealer network is there for you with the supplies, tools and expertise to keep your operation up and running.

Trust Caterpillar for Your Well Service Needs

Trust Caterpillar for Your Well Service Needs

Cat® well service products offer industry-leading power density, excellent product availability, global product support, and U.S. EPA Tier 4 and EU Stage IV emissions technology. Our solutions include engines, well service transmissions, pumps and hazardous location engines.

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