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Technology is changing the game in the paving industry—thanks to simple-to-operate solutions that reduce project duration, equipment hours, fuel consumption, labor hours and more. All that adds up to a more productive, efficient and safe jobsite. From 3D paving to compaction monitoring to systems that link your paving and support equipment, our easy-to-use technologies help put you in the fast lane to profitability and onto your next project in record time.



3D Paving Drives Racetrack Construction

A racetrack demands smoothness, and the National Corvette Museum Motorsports Park was no exception. 3D paving technology reduced engineering costs and helped meet tight tolerances on this paving job.

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Paving Company Wins Big at Super Bowl LII Stadium

A perfect mat is possible. Park Construction shares how 3D paving technology played a role in achieving perfection when they paved the US Bank Stadium before Super Bowl LII.

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Technology Delivers 30+% Reductions in Fuel & Man Hours

What happens when you pit a technology-equipped mixed fleet against traditional road-building methods in real jobsite conditions? We recently tried it out at our proving grounds in Peoria, Ill., and the results were decisive—the technology-equipped fleet reduced time to completion, used less fuel and clocked fewer man hours. What results could technology deliver on your jobsites?

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Cat® Grade Control Boosts Consistency

Maintain target grade with Cat® Grade Control for Asphalt Pavers. It combines integrated guidance and automatic machine control to deliver more consistent results.



The Construction World’s Next ‘Game Changer’

Discover how Machine Drive Power (MDP)—which measures indications of soil stiffness under a broad range of conditions—helped McAninch Corp. save time and money on a highway project.

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9,520 Reasons to Try New Soil Compaction Technology

An enormous soil compaction challenge on a dam jobsite turned ino a dream job with the help of a machine-integrated soil compaction measurement technology called Machine Drive Power, or MDP.

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Technology Improves Communication and Compaction

Machine-to-Machine Communication system assists in keeping rolling patterns coordinated by sharing coverage and pass-count maps via the operating displays of multiple machines. 

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Go Beyond Operator Intuition with Cat Compaction Control

Improve quality and efficiency with information that enables the operator to determine when soil compaction meets specifications. The system can be scaled from a simple real-time compaction readout to a fully featured data mapping capability.

Asphalt Compaction: Auto Features Enhance Productivity & Consistency

Auto-Adjustable Compaction delivers the highest amplitude possible to reach target asphalt density as quickly as possible, while Passcount Mapping and Temperature Mapping provides real-time visual references of mat coverage and mat temperatures, reducing inconsistencies.

Oscillatory Vibe System for Asphalt Compactors

Oscillatory Vibration System combines standard vibration on the front drum with oscillation technology on the rear drum. The oscillation system performs effectively on thin lifts and near sensitive structures such as buildings, bridge decks, and over underground utilities.

Intelligent Compaction Enhances Jobsite Efficiency

Better quality. Greater uniformity. More confidence. That's what you get from the Cat Compaction Control suite of technologies. These measurement, positioning and analysis systems give your operators the real-time data to determine when compaction conforms to specification—ensuring complete coverage and efficient, uniform work.

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Intelligent Compaction Enhances Jobsite Efficiency




Maintain target grade with Cat Grade Control for cold planers. It combines integrated guidance and automatic machine control to deliver more consistent results.


Innovative Cutting Technology

Cat cold planers allow you to preset a ramp-in, ramp-out cut providing a smooth, consistent slope on the cut-in and cut-out and allow operators to clear obstacles quickly and easily with a touch of a button.


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