Waste Operators love the 966M XE



Meet This High-Production, High-Efficiency Loader


These quotes from actual operators working in waste facilities across the United States are all about their experiences with one machine: the Cat® 966M XE Wheel Loader


“I look forward to coming to work after 30 years.”


“It doesn’t use as much fuel as my other machine.”


“I can limit wheel spin easier with less effort on my part.”


“It’s quicker, yet safer, and I don’t have to work as hard.”


And operators aren’t the only people who like what it brings to the table. Folks in management are reporting significant bottom line benefits, too. Read on for more details about this high-production, high-efficiency loader — including results it’s delivering in transfer stations and material recovery facilities from coast to coast.

What makes it “XE”?

Cat XE models are built for the most demanding work, combining a range of system enhancements with advanced technologies. They deliver more power, maximum efficiency and significant fuel savings — all while improving comfort and making operation safer and easier.

What features make the 966M XE more efficient?

  • Continuously Variable Transmission allows the engine to run in an efficient RPM range regardless of machine ground speed. Power is transmitted through a hydraulic pump and motor as well as a parallel mechanical gear path to maximize efficiency over a wide range of operating conditions. The result? Gallon-per-hour fuel savings of up to 20 percent compared to a standard 966M — and up to 30 percent compared to previous generation Cat loaders.
  • Rimpull Control lets operators set rimpull or tire spin for any type of floor condition. In addition to saving money on tires, this feature makes the machine easier to operate, increasing speed and production. It’s safer, too — you can limit speed ranges for new or inexperienced operators while still allowing them to work efficiently.
  • Deep System Integration of the engine and emissions system, power train, hydraulic system and cooling system lowers average working engine speeds and reduces overall system heat loads. That leads to significantly increased performance and fuel efficiency.
  • Power Train Control is independent of engine speed and features energy recovery — the engine retarding energy is transferred to the fan and implement pumps. That results in better overall efficiency and fuel economy.

What results is the 966M XE delivering in waste applications?

966M XE loaders are currently working in transfer stations and material recovery facilities of various sizes, ranging from 500 to 2,000 tons processed per day. The operations we’ve talked to are seeing benefits in a number of areas, but higher fuel efficiency and lower tire wear stand out.

Athens Services, for example, reports fuel savings of up to 23 percent and tire savings of 10 percent with the 966M XE. During a recent seven-customer demo, we saw fuel reductions of 10-25 percent compared to our standard loaders and competitive machines, with tire wear lower by 8-12 percent.

Other feedback we’re hearing is that the 966M XE helps operators get more work done without working as hard, since it delivers full lift power at lower RPMs than a standard machine. Operators tell us they can “relax” but still work safely whether they’re operating at higher speeds, using rimpull control, raising and lowering the bucket, or even working in cruise or throttle lock.

Where can I use the 966M XE in my waste operation?

You can put the 966M XE to work anywhere and any way you’d use a standard wheel loader — stockpiling, floor cleaning, load and carry, pushing material or loading hoppers, conveyors and outbound vehicles. It’s designed to deliver high torque and power to the floor and during loading. It can even sort material if equipped with the right work tool.

Are you ready to save on fuel and tires — and get more work done at the same time? Talk to your local Cat dealer about bringing the Cat 966M XE loader’s efficiency benefits to your operation.







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