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powering through the amazon

When the public utility couldn’t keep up with demand in the isolated city of Boa Vista, Brazil, they turned to Oliveira Energia. Working with their local Cat dealer, Oliveira designed, built, and launched a 107 MW power plant with Cat generator sets in record time. the plant now delivers excellent performance and reliable, consistent power for the residents of Boa Vista.

city powered in record-setting time

“A plant like this typically takes about three years for government agencies to construct, but we built this plant in eight months,” said Mr. Orsine Oliveira, president and chief executive officer of Oliveira Energia.

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city powered in record-setting time
gen sets achieve 90% availability in isolated village.

Boa Vista is separated from the rest of Brazil by the Amazon rainforest. They needed a reliable power solution to meet immediate needs and allow for expansion as demand rises. Caterpillar and Oliveira Energia met every challenge. Cat gen sets are now delivering consistent power to the region, and quality of life is improving.

c175-20 delivers reliable power

These 34 diesel generator sets require less space and maintenance while providing the highest power density of any high-speed diesel available.

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Cat dealer Sotreq has dedicated two onsite technicians to assure continuous operation of the power system with continuing service and maintenance.

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giving back
giving back

Oliveira Energia and Electrobras Distribuição Roraima have committed to planting a million tree seedlings per year near the power plant to help preserve the natural beauty of the region.

Precision sizing at your fingertips.
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“The quality of life for residents is improving, businesses can be more productive, and industry can flourish.”
Mr. Orsine Oliveira