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Finding the Best Equipment Solution with Australia’s Axis Hire

Since 2007, Australian-based Axis Hire has helped prominent mining, civil and construction companies across Australia secure their ideal fleets, with a focus on long-term equipment solutions.

Founded by Managing Director, Mark Cates, Axis Hire was created out of a clear marketplace need. Cates identified the complexity and frustration inherent in the long-term hiring of fleet equipment and set about changing the model, establishing Axis Hire.

Built-in to Mark’s approach was providing easy to understand and transparent “whole of life” costs, so companies could make the best long-term decisions for their fleet. 

Cates also worked to ensure that Axis Hire has a wide-wide variety of stock available at all times. Currently, Axis Hire has over 850 different machines available, ranging from dump trucks and graders to dozers, water carts, skid steers and more. However, their rental and plant managers don’t just assist with equipment sourcing. They also help with equipment selection and customization.

“Due to the size, market share and experience of our client base, our customers are very specific when requesting fleet,” says Axis Hire Plant Manager, Mike Brown.

“Additional fleet is used to supplement the client’s own fleet during periods of peak production or to fill gaps during planned maintenance. More recently, though, we’re also seeing an increase in requests for Axis Hire to supply a complete mining solution (entire mining fleet).”

Helping Customers Customize Their Fleet with Cat® Certified Rebuilds

One of Axis Hire’s most recommended products are Cat Certified Rebuilds.

“Our customers benefit from Cat Certified Rebuilds because they can take advantage of later model, higher-hour machines,” Brown said.  “Or, they can second life their existing fleet to new equipment standards. The same cost efficiency couldn’t be achieved by purchasing new equipment.”

Selling Cat Certified Rebuilds also benefits Axis Hire as a business. With Certified Rebuilds, Axis Hire can purchase and start rebuilding equipment immediately -- while simultaneously marketing the available equipment to their customers. Meanwhile, they avoid having to carry the upfront cost of a new machine while awaiting delivery. There are also, of course, sustainability benefits of the repurposed iron.

But being successful in the long-term equipment business hires isn’t just about the fleet. It’s also about the people behind Axis Hire, and how they met their customers’ needs.

“We don’t see ourselves as just another hire company and neither do our clients,” said Brown. “We’re a highly resourced and experienced enterprise. We excel in intelligent human capital, sound business practices with a comprehensive and diverse fleet of low-hour, well-maintained and fully spec’d equipment.”

The benefit of working with Cat Technicians

Axis Hire customers also benefit from their direct contact and collaboration with Cat dealer technicians, who are involved in the majority of specialized rebuild tasks. It also means that work can continue for Axis Hire customers, even if Axis Hire’s own technicians are required to attend to field service work or work on pre-hires for other customers.

The biggest customer benefit to working with Cat technicians though is having the peace-of-mind that their Rebuilds are fully compliant with the Cat Certified Rebuild program.

Beyond its day-to-day business, Axis Hire also prides itself on taking an active role in helping it’s local community. During the Australian brush fires earlier this year, to the east of Perth, fire fighters put out a call for water tankers.

Axis Hire assisted with a large bulk water tanker made available to local firefighting agencies at no cost for the duration of the firefighting efforts.

Learn more about Cat Certified Rebuilds.


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