Welcome to the Age of Smart Iron Built For It™

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Welcome to the Age of Smart Iron
On-Spec, On-Time, and on-Budget.

Precision earthmover Tatum Excavating Company (TEC, Inc.) is a prime example of a company getting more competitive with Cat® Connect technologies.

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Better Roads in 75% Fewer Passes.

Cat® Connect enables the team at McAninch to achieve uniform compaction on any soil type in 75 percent fewer passes. This means lower fuel costs and less machine wear and tear.

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400 Machines Running 24/7 for 42 months

Bringing the largest airport on earth to life demands one of the biggest, connected fleets of machines ever assembled.

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Doubling the Workday.

Only working during the day due to rocky terrain was eating into fuel, and Eren Insaat's overall timeline. He looked to Cat® Connect for a way to work longer and smarter.

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Get the Latest from the Age of Smart Iron.
Get the Latest from the Age of Smart Iron.
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Cat Connect
Cat Connect

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The Future of Possible

We believe that the challenges our customers face can be overcome with technology. It's why we're constantly working together to push the limits of what's possible.

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Age of Smart Iron

From our very first tractor to Cat® Minestar™, Cat Connect, and entire fleets that speak the same language, Caterpillar has spent over ninety years committed to innovation and technology that helps our customers succeed. What was important then is even more important now, in an age where advancements come faster and more frequently than ever before. An age where connectivity drives productivity and your industry evolves. This is the Age of Smart Iron.