Dynamic Gas Blending

Cat® Dynamic
Gas Blending™

Your Fuel to save millions
on mining trucks

Get to know Cat® Dynamic Gas Blending™ (DGB), the key to lowering fuel costs by up to 30 percent—without lowering performance. This dual-fuel technology optimizes fuel use from diesel to LNG, delivering the same performance as diesel-only trucks, while improvements in fuel, emissions and maintenance can add up to millions in cost savings.

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This Mine Finds Gold with DGB Trucks

One mine in Mexico tried out Cat DGB on two mining trucks. The results led to a full-fleet conversion. Hear how Dynamic Gas Blending™ helps one of the largest gold mines in Mexico.


Get answers to your DGB questions. From the fuel source & supply chain, to mine site storage, to how it delivers cost savings—discover the fully-supported process of adopting Cat DGB.

Your Site Could Save $ How-Much?

Find out in a matter of seconds. Our DGB fuel savings calculator uses displacement percentages and fuel costs to determine how much your mine could save per year. Just enter a few simple inputs and see what awaits.

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Right from the Expert: the DGB Overview

Don’t miss this summary from a Caterpillar expert who works with DGB every day. From key benefits, to market insights to investment considerations-- this DGB overview covers it all.


What others are saying.

La Herradura saw fuel savings that swayed how they purchase new trucks. Check out why they view DGB as a must-have technology.

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What others are saying What others are saying

Emission Reduction.

Regulations tend to move in one direction—more stringent. So consider the emission decrease of DGB one more reason to get your trucks equipped. Thirty percent is a substantial improvement—to your waste and the environment.

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Emission Remission Emission Remission

It Runs Like a Diesel.

Lower cost and the same production? If it seems too good to be true, get a second opinion from what operators are saying—with the numbers to back it up. 

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LNG—Safe & Accepted.

In short, LNG fuel is as safe as diesel. It’s not flammable as a liquid; and when gaseous, DGB has built-in methane detectors that shut off gas when triggered by an uncommon event. Hear what this customer has to say about the security of DGB.

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Don’t Take Our Word For It.

One gold mine in Mexico is already seeing huge cost benefits from switching to DGB. That’s played into their decision to order kits for their whole fleet of trucks. See the production numbers that highlight La Herradura’s DGB success story.

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DGB Delivers Results.

Operating the largest gold mine in Turkey, Tüprag equipped two 785C trucks with DGB kits—determined to see production vs. diesel-only machines. Not only did the DGB mining trucks complete their benchmarks across the board, they saved $30/hour in operating costs.

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