Mining a Trophy RestorationCat® D11 Dozers Enable a Successful Reclamation of An Abandoned Mine

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Mining a Trophy Restoration
Reclamation Transformation

Berner Construction helped transform old mines in Pennsylvania into grazing land for the state's wild elk. The clean-up was complicated, the job site remote. Berner's Cat® D11 dozers were up to the restoration challenge.

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Berner used Cat® D11 Dozers for the mine clean-up because they were "the most efficient way to get the job done," Irey says.
There are at least 500,000 abandoned mines in the United States

According to U.S. Government estimates

abandoned mines: learning from the past

Today, mining companies cannot even begin operations without having a reclamation plan in place. And modern mining companies take their environmental responsibilities very seriously, working to reduce the impact their work has on the local environment even while their mines are in operation. Historically, restoration wasn't even a consideration.

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Cat® dealer Cleveland Brothers rose to the challenge.

Reports Irey: "We relied on them heavily and they did a good job for us."

restoring wildlife habitats good for the economy

Hunting, fishing, and wildlife watching are popular pastimes in Pennsylvania, according to the U.S. Census Bureau's National Survey of Fishing, Hunting, and Wildlife-Associated Recreation Survey. So restoration projects that enable reclamation of habitat and wetlands positively impact a lot of people and contribute to the state's allure with a key group of spenders.