The new Cat® 745CDelivering more to
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The new Cat® 745C
Caterpillar Pays You Back. We’re so sure of what you can do with our new machines, we’re putting money on it.
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45 tons. Fully loaded.

Bigger payloads. Faster cycle times. Greater fuel efficiency. And that’s just the start of the advantages you can expect from the new Cat® 745C. The largest of the Cat Articulated Truck line, the 745C is easier to operate, includes a rugged new powertrain and makes fast work of uphill grades in any kind of ground conditions.

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Engineered to give you more.

Increased payload without additional weight; more tractive force with better fuel efficiency—that kind of smart engineering delivers more production at the lowest cost. Take a look at the 745C in action.

Principles of operation

Unparalleled traction control. Increased production. Improved transmission. Take a more detailed look into the features and benefits of the Cat C Series articulated truck family.

Engineered to give you more.  Principles of operation
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Engineered to give you more.

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No matter how soon you need it or for how long, your Cat dealer can make it easy to rent a Cat 745C or any Cat machine you might need.

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How much more could you move?

Cat Payload technology gives you access to on-the-go payload weights, load and cycle counts and daily production totals. Once you beat a target, you’ll always want to know exactly how much more you move.

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Looking for ways to improve fuel efficiency?

Get tips and tools to leverage every liter and get more profit from every tank.

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High-density power shift transmission
High-density power shift transmission

With 9F/2R speeds and Advanced Productivity Electronic Control Strategy (APECS) gear-shifting technology, the 745C delivers smooth gear changes with improved acceleration and faster cycle times.

Automatic Retarder Control (ARC)
Automatic Retarder Control (ARC)

ARC gives the operator excellent control with reduced effort. Automatic brake modulation creates a smoother ride and builds operator confidence in handling a loaded truck at faster speeds.

Automatic Traction Control (ATC)
Automatic Traction Control (ATC)

ATC monitors truck and wheel speeds, automatically applying differential locks on-the-go for excellent responsiveness in poor tractive conditions. Wheel slip is eliminated so loaded trucks can take uphill grades faster.

Wait Brake
Wait Brake

The 745C Wait Brake makes this truck easy to operate. During pauses in the work cycle, this feature temporarily applies the service brakes, reducing operator effort and fatigue, and making comfort a priority—all shift long.

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There’s no single best way to control costs. Sometimes it’s a matter of buying or leasing the latest technology. Other times it’s right-sizing your fleet, training your operators or leveraging data from your on-board systems. Get advice and solutions from your Cat dealer. Helping you do more and save more. That’s how we’re built. Find your nearest Cat dealer.

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