Can I get 30 more minutes of crew uptime with this paver?

The answer is yes. Contractors are finding that the new Cat® F-Series Pavers equipped with SE-Series screeds reach temperature approximately 1.5 times faster than other machines in their fleets. The new generator design enables the screed plates to heat in as little as 15 minutes, leading to more production throughout the day.

The integrated generator was developed by the same team that designed, and engineered the highly innovative Cat D7E Dozer. Exclusive to Caterpillar, the F-Series’ integrated generator is directly connected to the paver engine and operates as a core part of the machine. Unproductive fuel burn and crew downtime can be reduced by up to 30 minutes per shift.

What could an extra 30 minutes do for your crew?

Simply Advanced

Technology with a user-friendly interface and performance improvements are just some of the benefits of the Cat F-Series pavers and screeds.

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