Screed Options

New screed designs for the Cat® F-Series Pavers deliver excellent ride and mat qualities, while offering versatility for urban and highway applications.

Tamper-Bar Screeds
New tamper bar screeds increase density behind the screed. They produce excellent results on a full range of asphalt mix designs, roller compacted concrete, and other base-type materials. The heated tamper bars can be adjusted to three different amplitudes to match specific paving conditions and depths.

Wide-width Screeds
New XW-series screeds offer an extremely rigid design for excellent performance at wide widths up to 10 meters (33’). Providing the ability to minimize joints or even eliminate them can mean longer life cycles for many paved surfaces. These new screeds are available with vibration only, or with tamper bars and vibration.

Other unique features include:

  • Quick-change extensions facilitate single-person assembly
  • Quick-change heating elements
  • Power controls for crown, extension slope, and extension height

The new Cat Grade Control option offers easy setup that helps remove irregularities from the surface and control mat thickness. The integrated design can be operated from any of the four control consoles, two screed and two tractor. Since it is integrated into the machine, removal at the end of the day isn’t needed, so it’s there and ready the next day.

Simply Advanced

Technology with a user-friendly interface and performance improvements are just some of the benefits of the Cat F-Series pavers and screeds.

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F-Series Pavers and Screeds

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